About Swaraa Foundation

Swaraa Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Ahmadabad(india), Our main objective is to spread correct information and increase awareness on organ donation and transplantation in India. It is also Work for getting more people to pledge and at the same time act as the registrar for organ, tissue,cells and organ donation in India. The Swaraa also collaborate with various NGOs, religious bodies, students' association, and corporate bodies as well as the media to spread information on organ donation and transplantation to the public.

Who We Are ?

"Managing a not for profit organisation is filled with challenges at most times, now, more than ever, in a rapidly changing society and a volatile business environment, meeting people’s heightened expectations, fighting deep set prejudices, mobilising hard to come by resources are all daunting tasks. SWARAA has always risen to these and many other challenges not only meeting goals but exceeding them, year after year. “

- Hardik Thakar, Chairman, Swaraa foundation

We Work For

  • Organ donations
  • Human trafficking
  • Rights of indian's children
  • Older Persons

The aim is to help each other & live life beyond
- Sweta Thakar, Vice Chairman, Swaraa foundation

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