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Swaraa Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Ahmadabad, Our main objective is to spread correct information and increase awareness on organ donation and transplantation in India. It is also Work for getting more people to pledge and at the same time act as the registrar for organ, tissue, cells and organ donation in India. The Swaraa also collaborate with various NGOs, religious bodies, students’ association, and corporate bodies as well as the media to spread information on organ donation and transplantation to the public.

  • To be the official site for pledge registration
  • To enable the link between the government and the public to facilitate organ donation
  • To educate every Indian on the merits, and break existing myths associated with organ donation
  • To spread the awareness, especially through the efficient use of the website and online social media networks
  • To build a strong volunteer network across India who will reach out to the citizens in their communities and create awareness.
  • To initiate public debate and discussion on organ donation and to engage the online community
  • To work closely with the State and Central government with an intent to amend legislation and procedures for the benefit of transplant patients
  • To encourage citizens to initiate NGO start-ups to promote the cause of organ donation
  • To be the universal forum for support and information on the cause of organ donation
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